For potential buyers

At other auction sites, buying a warm-blood horse is time consuming and requires registering yourself and completing Request of Credit Forms for each of the different auctions throughout the world.

At Equinia you only need to go through the registration process ONCE to buy from all the different auctions all over the world.

For auction houses

Once auction houses have selected a collection of foals, embryos or sport horses, each of them begins their own promotional campaign. As the warm-blooded industry expands and becomes a more global activity, it becomes increasingly difficult for auction houses to reach their maximum potential buyers.

As part of our service Equinia promotes the associated auction houses throughout Australia & New-Zealand , China , Europe , Japan , Middle East , North & South America and Russia.
By doing so Equinia helps auction houses reduce their marketing budgets and promote their collections.

For breeders

Breeders who want to reduce their stock or who wish to discontinue their breeding activities can also use the services of Equinia to sell their stock by organizing private auctions.