HippoChamp, not just another Foal Auction, but simply THE place to be!

Article by Hippochamp

Photo by Gesves Aerial Picture


We are proud to announce that the Hippochamp Foal and Embryo Auction can take place during the Belgium Championships for Young Horses at Gesves (Belgium).
As a newcomer on the market we are very pleased with the unique opportunity given by Eugene Mathy to organise our sale during this well-known young horse event.

Over 800 young horses will compete at Gesves trying to become champion in their category. This concentration of talent brings every year horse owners,breeders,competition stables and traders towards this small romantic town called Gesves.

It is not much of a surprise to find in our catalogue foals out of motherlines competing at Gesves; you can also find in our HippoChamp Auction catalogue a nice selection of foals issue of successful motherlines in neighbour countries ,all of them born and selected with just this one goal in mind:to jump.

The 3 Belgian studbooks – BWP, Zangersheide and SBS – are responsible for 5.141 horses (of 24.823 horses) that are jumping at international level in the past year. And they won exactly 26.976.881 Euros (from the 100.496.915 Euros total price money). So Belgian breeds alone are winning 25% of the total price money in the world! (see Hippomundo.com Rankings on 24/06/20017) This makes the little country Belgium the absolute number one breeding country for jumping horses in the world. And off course, we are proud of our studbooks and our breeders.

We would like to invite you to participate and to share our success: to visit the 2017 Belgian Championships for Young Horses and the HippoChamp Foal & Embryo Auction. We hope to meet you in person for a drink, before or after every days event, at the showground, at our stand or at the cosy Chateau de la Poste (website http://www.chateaudelaposte.be) where you can stay when you come over for some days.

See you soon
Our selection committee