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KWPN brings breeder and user together by facilitating an Online Foal Auction. This auction offers a platform for buyer and seller, where both the professional and amateur can find their ideal foal. Foals are professionally presented and recorded on video during the foal presentation day in Ermelo. The editions of 2014 and 2015 showed that the online auction is an initiative with a lot of potential and wide international reach.

Dates 2017

This year we will host several Online Foal Auctions:

1st Collection: Closed

On August 21th, the foals the first KWPN Online Foal Auction of 2017 were auctioned, 21 Foals came under the virtual hammer, 90% of them were actually sold.

2nd Collection: Click here for the selected jumping foals or here for the dressage foals.

  • Collection online: September 1st

  • Auction opens: September 9th

  • Auction closes: September 11th 19.00CET

3rd Collection: Click here for the selected foals.

  • Collection online: September 15th

  • Auction opens: September 23th

  • Auction closes: September 25th 19.00CET

4th Collection: 

  • Collection online: October 6th

  • Auction opens: October 14th

  • Auction closes: October 16th 19.00CET

Stay tuned at our website for the actual collections!

Buy a foal

To be able to bid on a foal, you need to make a profile on the Equinia website. You can do this by clicking ‘Register’ on the auction website 

Have you registered for KWPN online auctions before, click on the link below that will give you the opportunity to set a new password.

Set a new password (only if you've registered before).

We invite you to come see the foals on Foal Viewing Day, which runs concurrent with the selection and filming days.

Sell a foal

Participating foals must be registered at KWPN. Foals can be signed in via the My KWPN Platform. Once you have signed in, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail with an official registration form. Foals registered for the sale will be seen before selection by KWPN-inspectors and filmed at the KWPN-center. 

Selection criteria:

  • Foals must be free from external observable abnormalities (e.g. abnormal hocks, dissimilar/abnormal feet or an overbite).

  • Foals must have correct legs.

  • Foals must have a correct walk, trot, and canter.

  • Foals must be properly groomed. However, facial whiskers and hair on the inside of the ears must not be trimmed.

The assessment of KWPN inspectors is binding. Foals will be filmed during the selection process. Each foal will be filmed with its dam, which will be presented by a KWPN-designated handler. After the selection process, foals may return to their home location.


Are you interested in selling your foal of buying a foal through the Online Foal Auction or do you have any questions? Please contact us on the contactdetails below.


Phone: + 31 341 255 513