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Equinia is the pioneer in organizing online horse auctions, and has acquired a wealth of professional knowhow in this field. Renowned names such as KWPN, Fences, BWP, ESI Auction and many others are already using the services and the platforms of Equinia.
Equinia now also offers customized, shielded platforms that provide complete control and visibility of all data.
We offer three distinct possibilities:

A) Multi-day auction, exclusively online

This is a fully automated platform in which sellers can upload all the pertinent information (pedigrees, photos, videos, auction conditions etc.) regarding their collection. The organizer decides when the bidding can commence and when it ends. The auction itself usually ends a few days after the bidding. All lots are simultaneously open for bidding.

B) Platform for an actual auction.

In this case, you organize a "real" auction. The collection is shown to an audience and the auctioneer leads the auction. This platform allows people who cannot attend the auction to join in the bidding during the ongoing auction. The auctioneer or person responsible for the bidding can follow the entering bids on a screen via the Internet.

C) A LIVE online auction. NEW

A LIVE online auction can be compared to a real auction, but without the physical presence of either horses or audience. The auction is led by an online auctioneer, whose voice can be heard by the visitors through the website. Starting from a certain time, the lots in the collection are presented one by one. The presence of the online auctioneer creates more enthusiasm among the visitors and gives your auction a more lifelike character.

In all three cases, you can choose whether or not to give the customers of Equinia the opportunity to bid. In this case, the auction will also be announced on which will undoubtedly increase the number of visitors as well as the average sales price on your platform.

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