Horse insurance

We can provide full coverage for your horse, from its conception to its retirement, without any limit of value, no matter its use or where the horse is located in the world.

Unborn foal insurance

  • Insurance of the unborn foal as from 42 days of pregnancy to 120 days after birth
  • Insured value doubled for free 48h after birth, without any additional premium.
  • Insurance of the breeding mare, including carrier dam.
  • Insurance of frozen semen and frozen embryos
  • Embryo Transfer
  • All risks of death, including during the birth

Insurance of the unborn foal with OPU & ICSI methods

  • Insurance of the embryo as from its congelation to 120 days after birth.
  • Frozen embryo insured against all risks of mortality:
    • While being frozen, accidental destruction of the embryo, in storage or in transit, destruction of the embryo during the transplantation
    • During the pregnancy, death of the embryo as from Day 1 of the transplantation, death of the mareā€¦ Reimbursement of 100% of the insured value.
  • The insured value is doubled, for free, as from 48H after birth, subject to the reception of the vet certificate confirming the good health of the foal.
  • The foal is then insured against all risks of death due to diseases, accidents, colic, euthanasia for humane reason.