Services at Equinia

We are presenting you a small selection from our list of some of the best independent agents in the industry. As part of our service, you have the option of having one of our agents supervise the auction on-site and providing you with all the details related to your horse or foal. We can help put you in touch with an agent to discuss the conditions of his mission.

Are you looking for a great place to reaise your foal after your acquisition?

When your filly reaches 3 years old, do you want to cover her by a stallion of your choice before she flies home? (two horses transported for the cost of one)

We know many owners of promising youngsters that want to have them trained in Belgium and throughout the continent of Europe.

All these possibilities and access to the best professionals in the business are only one part of the FREE SERVICES offered by Equinia to registered users. Check out our services for further details.